California gets a State Lichen!

This month, California became the first state to designate an official State Lichen. Based on the efforts of the California Lichen Society, the state legislature approved the lichen last summer and the law was signed by Governor Jerry Brown in July, but didn’t take effect until January 1, 2016.

Ramalina menziesii, lace lichen. Photo courtesy Greg Howe.

Meet Ramalina menziesii,
the Lace Lichen

finRmenziesiiAlthough one of several lichens that drape themselves in trees in long graceful strands, the Lace Lichen is distinctive and instantly recognizable. Unfortunately for the rest of us, this beautiful lichen occurs only along the west coast of North America. However, this makes it a perfect candidate for California’s state lichen: it is common along the coast and as much as 130 miles inland. No other lichen has the lacey or netted branches, although some species of Usnea or Alectoria appear similar from a distance.

Learn more about Lace Lichen and its designation at the California Lichen Society webpage. But remember, it’s a lichen, not to be confused with “Spanish moss” (which is not a moss either)!

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