Lichen Links

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2022 Note: Links were checked and updated in March 2022. Let us know if you encounter problems. See also Lichen and Lichenology on WikiPedia and references therein.

About Lichens in General

How They are Put Together

  • Stuff on rocks II: All about lichens From the Watcher, a great introduction to lichens and why they’re so cool. Not to be missed, plus he was a prolific blogger with a gift for explaining nature discoveries until he “retired” in 2011.
  • A Partnership Apart (Science News) (accessible)
    • Includes image of cross-section of a lichen; typical foliose structure

Lichen Identification and Photos

Lichens Elsewhere in the World (outside North America)

Lichens and Their Uses (Ethnolichenology)

Lichens and Air Pollution

And Friends (Human and Otherwise)

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