Exploring our lichen world

Several of us took a field trip yesterday to look at lichens and specifically to find lichens that were especially interesting and unusual. We succeeded completely! In our group was a new member of the Native Plant Society who had an interest in learning more about and photographing lichens, mosses, and other often overlooked small beings that we find in nature. His interest and talent have me spending time with the books again, refreshing all the things I used to know and picking up a few new ones in the process. He’s also promised to share his photos on this website soon.

Right before a sad mishap with my brand new camera, I caught this picture:

This lovely Peltigera aphthosa (or maybe P. leucophlebia) was not the most exciting lichen we saw all day, but it was the best, and pretty much the only, photo I captured. Being out looking at lichens means hope for an updated website here, but having a new photographer on board brings the certainty of MUCH better pictures! Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “Exploring our lichen world

    • We’re in the Denver area, mostly west of town (Golden/Morrison). With this good weather (and holiday time off!), we really ought to be planning some field trips. I’ll email you with phone contact info so we can get connected. Thanks for your interest!


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